Big Bang, Biology, Early Religion

Ancient Civilizations

the Middle Ages

Asian Civilizations, 6th to 16th centuries

Europeans to the 17th Century

18th and 19th Centuries

20th Century to 1993

US Politics to the Obama Presidency


2015 to 2019

most recent: June 2019 to Sunday the 16th


First Thoughts – short and simple

Philosophers – includes: Gary Gutting, Susan Haack, Socrates, Wittgenstein and others

Philosophical Issues – being, subjectivity and abstractions, agnosticism, antinomies, intentionality

Knowledge – neuroscience, biology, computers versus imagination; math and numbers; space and time

Misc/People – includes: Arnold Toynbee, Alice Walker, Putin, Ernest Hemingway

Morality – includes: "Moral Relativism and Sam Harris"

Politics – includes: "Money equals Speech," and "Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau"

Books – includes: The Relentless Revolution: a History of Capitalism, by Joyce Appleby

TOPICS Jun and May 2019

17 Jun  –  (books) Ben Shapiro's "Right Side Of History"

12 Jun  –  (books) Marvin Kalb's experiences in the Soviet Union in 1956

10 Jun  –  Journalism, Judy Woodruff, and Trump's Lies

  6 Jun  –  (note) Tiananmen and

30 May –  Greens and Democrats

27 May –  Facts, Stories, and Politics

21 May –  (books) The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia

13 May –  (books) A Footnote to Folly: Reminiscences of Mary Heaton Vorse

11 May –  Reason, Assumption, and the Economy

TOPICS Apr 2019 to 2013