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About this Site

My subject is world history, philosophy, and current world developments. I'm biased and believe in empirical evidence and science. I read opposing views and want to correct my errors.

To complain please email me. (The address is above-right.) To protect your privacy, your email will be purged from my files.

This is my second website. My first I sold in 2015 to a British company that specializes in educational sites. I was eighty-one and thought I was retiring.

Describing my first site, Dennis A.Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman, have written:

Frank Smitha is an amateur historian who has developed a set of very impressive online world history interpretive essays that could be profitably used as a world history textbook. They cover world history from antiquity to the present. The essays are impressive not only for their scope, but also for their balance and emphasis on the interconnectedness of history.

I don't like being described as an amateur after twenty-five years or more of study and hard work – but okay. Professionals are thought of as holding university positions. They write books and they benefit from interaction and competition with their colleagues. They write for each other. I'm writing online for the general public, but I recommend the details and focus of those who give their life work.

There have been works in history that update what I wrote before 1915. Bright young people have been entering the history profession. I wish we'd give them a fair amount of attention.

My first site was doing well enough to attract people wanting to buy it (something like 140,000 hits on a good day). Part of my success was having gone online as early the 1990s. My new site, without ads and with fewer errors, varies between 500 and 1,500 per day, and I will not be stooping to any kind of sensationalism, conformity or political appeals to win more views.

Anyone interested in helping me with the site please send me an email.

My background:

I have a BA with honors in History, acquired at age 43 (California State University East Bay, 1977). Before that I was a high school dropout, served three years in Marine Corps (1951-54), and then wandered the world. I took advantage of the GI Bill, attended community college, drove a cab in Los Angeles and traveled more. I spent a year at UCLA (1963-64) as a sociology major and then eight years (1965-73) on the Berkeley campus running copy machines, sitting in on a few history classes and drawing from the university's many libraries. I was especially interested in World War One, Vietnam, and civil rights.


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