A resolution is coming

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A resolution is coming

Post by TvHagerty » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:31 am

My topic may not be about history but that's were I'm posting it.

I listened to a conservative talk show radio host this morning. He was interviewed by a National Public Radio host. He said that Trump's popularity is still at 49 percent, there is no proof that he did anything wrong - "no conspiracy," and that Mueller's investigation is taking too long - "The American people are sick of this."

But I think as more close associates of Trump are "flipping" and telling all to Mueller and his team, eventually something has to happen. Even though the Republican House and Senate are now solidly supporting Trump, their "solid" support will start to wane if more bad Presidential behavior is revealed. I suspect that more bad behavior will be revealed soon and that the unwavering support of the Republican politicians will become a little shaky.

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I still think his "base" will remain loyal to him though. This could cause real problems in our country. Trump knows how to talk to his base supporters and keep them in line. What's ahead should be a good show. It's the kind of show that I would not give five stars to.

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