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Why do we exist?

There is no ultimate answer to the question, why? We should recognize that our consciousness, no matter its wonderous capacity, is limited — unable to grasp the whole. To explain purpose beyond our own motives requires knowledge beyond our grasp. Philosophers have thrown a lot of confusing language at the question of Being, among them Martin Heidegger, without benefitting our understanding of ourselves or the universe.

But some have faith that God is the source of all being. They view God as the Creator (rather than derived). They think of themselves as not alone, that God is aware of them and everything else and an agent in their lives — a personal relationship.

Another perspective is offered by Michio Kaku (b. 1947), a Japanese-American theoretical physicist and popularizer of science. He says it's too easy to have meaning plop down from the heavens; you have to work for it. We are responsible for the meaning in our lives. We make our own meaning, our own purpose. (Michio Kaku on youtube)

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