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Christianity 101

A sign in front of a Methodist Church reads "God loves you no matter what." Some may be dubious about the "no matter what" part and believe that they have to earn God's love. Some Christians believe that they earn that love by giving praise to Jehovah — a most intelligent being and emotive in addition to His seeming a bit vain.

Christians believe that God loves them despite their sins because those sins have been lifted from them by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is no trivial matter for them. It's at the heart of Christianity.

Also central is their belief that God maintains interested in them. Their god is other than a disinterested force, like gravity. But, just in case Jehovah has not been paying attention they might send Him a request in the form of a prayer. And they believe He responds, as He did recently by reducing the force of Hurricane Irma in Florida (although He had not done so for people in Cuba). The will of Jehovah figures prominently in their interpretations, leading some to claim that an event like a hurricane is His punishment for something that people like Democrats are advocating.

Those who believe that God loves them "no matter what" also appear to believe that Jehovah favors them over those not devoted enough, people to be punished not only with earthquakes, plagues, or hurricanes but also with eternal torments.

But for some there is also the Devil, who makes people do things in conflict with God's desires. This conflict ending in Armageddon came to us from the Persians (the Zoroastrians), whose empire in the 500s BCE included the homeland of the Jews: Judah. The Reverend Billy Graham said he believed in the Devil because he had seen His works — this kind of seeing serving as empiricism for believers.

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