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New Info on Black Holes

The science section of BBC News tells us this morning (28 Aug '15) of Stephen Hawking describing Black Holes as not really absorbing astronomical information. Information doesn't get sucked into the black hole. Instead, it is held at the Black Hole's outer boundary. Black Holes are supposed to have gravity so strong that nothing that gets pulled in escapes, including light – which makes them black. The information Hawking is talking about is available to scientists in the form of digital strings of zeroes and ones – binary – as is the electrical functioning of our computers.

Reality represented by binary information is not supposed to disappear according to the laws of quantum mechanics. The belief that the info was destroyed by being sucked into a black hole had given rise to a paradox. Hawking's information tells us that this paradox (like other paradoxes, I suspect) was just in our minds, not in nature itself.

The BBC report is of Hawking speaking to the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

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