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Accident versus Divine Purpose

There are those of us who see the world as motion and physical laws, and with these some of us see randomness, chance, accident. This is the world we know through our senses – not Plato's heavenly world of perfect order and harmony. Nature has a lot of random that is visible. The twigs and branches grow crooked as they grow toward the sky. The potted plants in my apartment have an abundance of leaves, a few of which fail and turn brown alongside others that remain green. From our point of view there is imperfection in food. It contains ingredients that our bodies can't use, so to survive we must be able to excrete – another burden. Of no burden to us, however, are nipples on males – just another seemingly poorly planned consequence of evolution.

Evolutionists see genetic accidents as either helping organisms survive or diminishing their ability to survive. Whales (and seals too) can close their nostrils for deep diving. Did a Heavenly Father decide at Creation that this was the way it was going to be? Or, did whales acquire this as generations of their predecessors moved from land creatures to the sea?

We've heard people complain that they can't believe their existence to be an accident. They are conscious of their own will and sense of purpose, and they attribute these to their Heavenly Father. Those Muslims who declare "if God wills it" are with them in seeing heavenly purpose in world affairs, except that their if here (puts chance into their world. There are still people around who see their marriages as made purposefully by heaven, while others suspect that maybe chance had something to do with it, like where the two grew up or the luck of running into each other. Some try to explain away weird developments as God working in mysterious ways and purposefully burdening humanity with challenges.

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