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More on the shooter John T. Earnest

More information on the 19-year-old killer, John Earnest. He is from a well-off family, "a family of faith" that doesn't know the source of his hatred. He has been described as intelligent, quiet (someone said (too quite"), he played the piano daily and was studying nursing. David Brooks calls him "another lonely fanatic."

He wrote in a 4,000-word manifesto that he had been inspired by previous mass shootings (a monkey-see monkey-do thing and self-affirmation by deed). Just before shooting, he yelled that Jews were "ruining the world." Apparently he didn't talk much with his parents like at the dinner table about his view of the world or his feelings. In his manifesto he also said: "If I won't defend my race, how can I expect others to do the same? ... I never looked back. I never had doubts. I never felt afraid. I never felt anxious — just the occasional nervous excitement.

I wonder What aspect of his "race" did he think was threatened and in need of defense. The white man's sense of fairness? The white man's superior intelligence? Its moral superiority? All this is nonsense rejected by advanced anthropology more than a century ago. So too was the idea of Jews as a race (which remained with the ignoramus Adolf Hitler. And there has been the ages-old idea of the virtue of collective punishment. All this old nonsense is supposed to have been corrected by modern education, by a study of humanity and facts that destroys racist stereotyping, that admits variation within societies (cultural differences with some whites stupid and some intelligent) and individual achievement as something other than a product of racial biology.

Earnest's thinking is part of the atrocious ignorance found in education today. Someone named Guy Harrison has written:

One day in the 1980s, I sat in the front row in my first undergraduate anthropology class, eager to learn more about this bizarre and fascinating species I was born into. But I got more than I expected that day as I heard for the first time that biological races are not real. After hearing several perfectly sensible reasons why vast biological categories don’t work very well, I started to feel betrayed by my society. “Why am I just hearing this now? (Robert Wald Sussman, Newsweek)

May 2

An article in the Washington Post headlines that the shooter, John Earnest, is a "churchgoer? who talked Christian theology." Before the shooting "John Earnest appears to have written a seven-page letter spelling out his core beliefs: that Jewish people, guilty in his view of faults ranging from killing Jesus to controlling the media, deserved to die. That his intention to kill Jews would glorify God." In other words, he was a believer in the dogma held by many — but not all Christians — of collective guilt. For Earnest apparently this includes the ridiculous idea of Jewish responsibility for the death of Jesus passing down for generations, two thousand years, to the Jews of today — more nonsense.

The WP article is here.

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