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First Cause and a frustrated professor

On Amazon.com, Douglas Groothuis claims that the author of A Little History of Philosophy, Nigel Warburton, "did not bother to treat philosophical arguments for God's existence seriously." Douglas Groothuis appears to like the argument that whatever begins to exist has a cause for its existence, that the universe exists and therefore had a cause.

With his view of God as eternal we can focus on his point of God as first cause.

Groothuis doesn't know whether the universe has been eternal or had a beginning. None of us do. He assumes that is had a beginning. He is entitled to his definition of God as the first cause. A professor of philosophy at a seminary, he is trying to communicate his beliefs, and we can't prove his definition of God as false. Some philosophers believe that if a point cannot be proved (beyond probability) it is not worth consideration. But let us take Groothuis seriously as he wants us to. Let us acknowledge his belief in God as he defines God. We are leaving him with his point based on assumption and also leaving him with a failure to communicate a compelling reason why we should accept God as he defines him. He fails to explain precisely where Nigel Warburton (who has a Cambridge PhD and is a Senior Lecturer at Open University) went wrong or why an agnostic cannot continue with his agnosticism. Having marked the online world with his complaint, the burden of meaningful discourse is his.

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