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The Coming Elections

Allow me a biased bit about why you should vote in the coming elections. I'd like to persuade maybe a couple of people who don't think quite like I do to vote in November, and for my kind of candidates. The Kavanaugh tumult is behind us (for a little while at least), and I'm claiming that more is at stake than whatever discomfort you might have felt watching outraged women protesters on television.

(The protesting women were not really mobs paid for by George Soros as Senator Mitch McConnell claims. McConnell curtailed his Republican Party's Advise and Consent responsibilities for many months in order to block President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, (Garland), and now McConnell howls about Kavanaugh's Advise and Consent hearing being held up for one week to extend an FBI investigation.)

In my opinion, we should consider both our individual and community interests. We should consider our nation and the world and be willing to pay for what we need rather than run deficits. We need people in office more fair in their thinking than McConnell. We need people who really do believe in equal opportunity and democracy. We need to vote into office people not sleepwalking through environmental crises. We need people with political power who understand the benefits of investment in infrastructure and research. We need to leaders friendly with honest commercial interests but who will do something about money gathering as the prevailing activity of legislators. We need better priorities, including decent pay for teachers.

The Democratic Party is hardly unified perfection. But because political power is a group phenomenon and we don't have a parliamentary system, it is better situated to deliver what the nation needs — better than a tiny-tent third party. And the Democrats can do this, I believe, by holding to a strategy of honesty and integrity.

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