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Abortion and Trump

A few days ago Donald Trump said that a couple he knows had a child who grew into beautiful person, a child they had thought of aborting. moving to a hypothetical, if the couple had only one beautiful child rather than having had five, it would have been a terrible misfortune for the four who might have been.

Trump moves the couple's decision to have this particular child into some kind of opposition against abortion in general – a move from a specific choice to an authoritarian position regarding what people in general are to do.

Another consideration: life is a fortune for humans of a limited number, a number that today is 7.136 billion and rising. It is said thaat everyday something like 350,000 people are born and 140,000 die. And what does "right to life" mean in this context?

It has been said that life is created at conception, in other words that life begins is a biological seed ready to grow. Some of us, instead, see human life as something that originated way back in our ancestry, that life is something passed on rather than created today. Actually, life began as a microscopic creature millions of years ago. But we can appreciate life as something more than a few cells, or even life as a fetus. It is the growth of the human as a biological entity into what we know and appreciate as individual personality and character.

Life at times involves tough decisions. I don't like seeing squeamish people denying others – like a woman and her doctor – the right to make such choices. Philosophically, I don't put any religious fundamentalism above this right. But when birth gives rise to the beautiful person described by Trump, this is a specific worth celebrating.