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Assad Trashes Negotiations

Bashar al-Assad tells his parliament that he is not interested in any kind of settlement with the people of Syria who reject his authority. The New York Times writes that he "promises to take 'every inch' of the country from his foes" and that it "reflects his sense that Russian intervention in the war has bolstered his position — and his ability to remain in power for the foreseeable future — as the war enters its sixth year."

So much for Secretary of State John Kerry's effort at joining with Russia to mediate an end to Syria's civil war. Kerry's demand that humanitarian access be given to those suffering from the war has been blocked.

Writes the Times on June 8:

Three weeks ago in Vienna, Mr. Kerry appeared before reporters to declare that if Mr. Assad continued to obstruct humanitarian convoys, the West would help the United Nations relief agency conduct airdrops of supplies to starving towns, beginning June 1. The deadline passed with little comment by Mr. Kerry or the State Department. It remains unclear when those airdrops will commence, if at all.

On June 8, BBC News reports that an airstrike in Aleppo, perhaps by the Russians, has killed at least 15 people and wound dozens.

On June 9, BBC News reports air strikes in rebel-held areas in Aleppo:

Three medical facilities were hit in the space of three hours, the UN says.
One of the hospitals targeted is one of the few that still provide paediatric services. Medics have had to take babies out of incubators, the UN says.

Assad began Syria's present-day troubles with state terrorism against peaceful demonstrations. His terrorism conintues while he and his supporters describe all active opponents of his regime as evil terrorists and people opposed to him, including President Obama, as following a distorted narrative.

If only Assad would agree to leave local people to rule themselves and to limit central authority to limited functions that don't include violence against civilian citizenry.

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