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Trump Excitement

Every day it's one damn thing after another, wild stuff in the news. And network news plays to the sensational. People – most of us know – are more inclined to watch dramas that are exciting, with car chases and drawn guns, than they are stories that tell us something about humans character.

A 68-year-old retired carpenter from Ohio is reported as saying, "I think Trump is nuts, but I'd love to have him as a president to see what happens. I wouldn't want to end up in some kind of war or anything," he added. "But something is going to change if he's president; we just don't know what."

A Trump presidency would be exciting, at least at first. I don't believe Trump is "nuts" or unstable emotionally – maybe thin-skinned as Hillary says, and maybe a bit narcissistic as some others say. Trump is somewhat of a pragmatist. He makes things up as he goes along. He's a negotiator who likes to get things done. Trump's problem is he is shallow, not about the world of real estate but about a lot else. Maybe his presidency would be continual adjustment in his thinking, his finger to the wind. I agree with retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor, who served David Petraeus in Iraq, who says Donald Trump would be a "foreign policy disaster for the United States." About affairs within the United States, adjustments to mistakes are usually done by a turn over in the administration. In my opinion our attraction to excitement is a juvenile spirit (I'm eighty-two) and we should control it.

In my opinion, what the world needs dull and boring order. As I see it, we should want a president who can contribute to calming the world down. Order is needed for trade, and trade is needed for job creation. People need enough money to buy what others produce. We need a better balance in wealth distribution. In foreign affairs we need the kind of calm deliberation that produces a balance between pacifism and over-reaction, deliberation that measures today's facts rather than yesterday's wars. In politics we need quiet reflection rather than loud sloganizing and noisy vanity.

Our democracy thrives on order, with people free and unhindered in their ability to express their ideas and unhindered in their ability to listen. If anything can be called stupid it's the recent violence in San Jose against Trump supporters. As many recognize it accomplishes nothing, except that it helps candidate Trump.

Actually, I think Trump will be defeated. Opinion seems to be increasingly negative towards Trump. Pundits who regretted predicting Trump's fall were not giving him enough time — the general election. We are diverse in opinion. A relentless barrage of negativity against Trump has already begun to give him an image that will not allow him to win in November. He has been and will continue to contribute to it with his own ineptitude, but he will blame the media. A Reuters/Ipsos poll published yesterday, June 3, gives Clinton a double-digit lead over Trump. They were almost even a week ago.

Regarding a Trump presidency, someone is less worried than some others comments: "... the system is designed to allow a fool or knave occasionally."

Someone else: "Let's remember what's at stake not just for our egos but for the planet itself."

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