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Carson and Trump

A charged up Martha Raddatz interviewed Dr Ben Carson yesterday on ABC television's This Week. Carson was nothing but business: attentive with no phony enthusiasm or smile. Raddatz showed a video clip of Trump saying:

"I don't think Ben has the energy. Ben is a nice man, but when you're negotiating against China, we need people that are really smart, that have tremendous deal-making skills and that have great, great energy."

Trump's analysis was more of his BS: he Trump was "really smart," and Carson wasn't. He, Trump, had the requisite energy and Carson didn't. Raddatz asked Carson if Trump's comment bothered him. Carson responded:

No, it doesn't bother me, because I recognize that I have plenty of energy. You know, operating on people for 10, 12, sometimes for greater than 20 hours at a time, making critical decisions after many hours of intense work...

Unlike Trump, Carson wasn't interested in diminishing his opponent. That was Trump's thing. Responding to Raddatz again, Carson said he had no trouble apologizing for having commented about Trump's faith. "When you do something that's inappropriate," he said, "I think it's appropriate to apologize for it."

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