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Cecil the Lion

A dentist from Minnesota found pleasure in killing a lion with his crossbow. For this he paid $55,000. This was in Zimbabwe. The dentist had hired guides who were fakes. The lion was a popular attraction named Cecil, in a state park. The dentist is back home in Wisconsin. Those he thought were guides are under arrest in Zimbabwe. Comments to the media were in the thousands.

Today the press writes about lion breeding farms in South Africa that make money from hunters visiting from abroad. It's called the "canned hunting" industry. The press describes many countries in Africa attempting to crack down on illegal hunting and poaching.

There is fear that Cecil's head has been sent abroad as a trophy. Conservationists and politicians are described as calling on the European Union to ban the import of lion heads, paws and skins.

Among the thousands of comments to the press is one that employs a false dichotomy. It complains of people wanting to punish the dentist but not caring at all about the horrors being imposed on humans around the world. Fox News radio host Todd Starnes joins in by complaining that people in the US have lost their "moral compass" because they are more concerned about the killing of Cecil the lion than they are about abortion.

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