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Clooney and Clinton called shills

A few years ago, T-party bigwigs were describing their movement as representing majority opinion in the US. This kind of sloppy thinking was repeated this weekend in San Francisco when Sanders supporters were protesting against George Clooney and Hillary Clinton. The protesters were chanting "We are the ninety-nine percent." And the protesters went further, calling Clooney and Clinton "corporate shills." Clooney is raising money among wealthy Californians who are Democrats. There have been wealthy people supporting progressive causes since a few aristocrats helped create democracy in ancient Athens and since the Roosevelts, Teddy and Franklin. Also, we have the wealthy contributor George Soros, detested by the right. And we have the billionaire Warren Buffet, a Hillary Clinton supporter. A not-so-good example is the Russian revolutionary, Lenin, from landowning nobility, except that he who wrote a book critical of "infantile" leftism. Today, we are seeing infantility expressed by youthful newbies to politics, simplistic in their binary dichotomy between what they see as the terribly evil one-percent and themselves.

Ironically, the successful politics of the Social Democrats, in contrast to the maximalist Marxist-Leninists, is being rejected by the binary-thinking demonstrators supporting Sanders. The Marxist-Leninists saw the Social Democrats as sell-outs, as shills for the bourgeoisie or as prostitutes.

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