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Ann Coulter on Status

Ann Coulter gets philosophical attacking people who dislike Donald Trump. On the radio she joined host Eric Metaxas in critizing anti-Trump conservatives. They described George Will and Charles Murray as too concerned with the opinions of their fellow "hyper-preppy" elites to support Trump. Coulter described Will and Murray as atheists who care about the opinions of others rather than God's opinion. She said:

As I always say, the reason status doesn't matter to Christians is we're looking up. If you have nothing to look up to, if you're not getting your standard from God, then you have to look around. It's either lateral or horizontal or vertical. You're looking around and it matters to you—the opinion of other people.

It is another of Coulter's assumptions: For a good perspective you need to follow dogma by the Great Spirit in the sky. Nevermind constructing your own healthful mindset or philosophy – also called growing up.

I don't know about Murray and I don't know about Will's theism or lack of it. But he does seem to me more grown up regarding the issue of status than does her champion, Trump.

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