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Cruz and Trump

Yesterday, Ted Cruz attacked Donald Trump for what he says has been Trump's "pattern" of personal attacks.

He went on to say,

Listen, I think nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute train wreck. I think it would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton...I think nominating Donald Trump is a disaster.

Cruz dismissed a National Enquirer article as “garbage,” claiming that he knew for a fact that Donald Trump planted that story.

Cruz said he has been inviting Trump to debate but that Trump is "terrified" because he doesn't want to actually stand and have his record challenged."

Trump is leading in the delegate count, 736 to Cruz's 463. Asked it he will support Trump as previously pledged if Trump wins the party's nomination, Cruz replied, "Donald is not going to be the GOP nominee."

By the way, someone in the audience asked, "How and why does your religion play a part in your political decision-making? Cruz answered:

... those in politics have an obligation not to wear their faith on their sleeve. There have been far too many politicians that run around behaving like they're holier than thou.

Yesterday, following Cruz's remarks, Trump didn't dodge the loyalty pledge issue that all Republican primary candidates signed last year." Trump claimed that he has "been treated very unfairly" and said he would not support any other Republican nominee.

Trump has made three mistakes recently. One was publishing a bad photo of Cruz's wife, Heidi, alongside a photo of Melania, Trump's wife, Trump having assumed that a nude picture of Melania having been put online was the work of Cruz. Another mistake was Trump stating his support for the proliferation and perhaps use of nuclear weapons. And today a big hullabaloo on TV is his saying that women who have an illegal abortion should be punished. We've seen a distortions of Trump's positions by the media, but we are also seeing Trump hurting himself by saying things during his campaign that are more spontaneous and unschooled than is common among people running for the presidency.

It looks like Cruz will win the winner take all primary in Wisconsin. On 10 September in an article titled "Trump Will Fall" I made myself one of the many expressing the opinion that Trump would not be elected president. I'm staying with that prediction.

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