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Alexandr Dugin interviewed by Alex Jones

This past week the Russian sociologist-philosopher and devout Christian (Eastern Orthodox) Alexandr Dugin was interviewed by Alex Jones. The interview has been associated with what is described as a conflict between Trump's national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, and those loyal to Trump's advisor, Steve Bannon.

Dugin is in the anti-McMaster camp. Dugin is against "globalists" and apparently considers McMaster to be a globalist. Dugin thinks globalists are demonizing Russia because they are against Christian values.

Jones also doesn't like globalists, or what he calls the "corporate global government." Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and he injected George Soros into his discussion with Dugin, claiming that Soros has "doubled the amount of money for riots. They are training people in universities now, that are planning something big."


I would like to express my ideas concerning what is going on in the world with the new agenda for the US with Mr. Trump, who I support with all my heart, and what is going to happen with Russia and with Mr. Putin, who I also support with all my heart.

Dugin said that he and Putin "love our people," that he is not extremist but is "against liberalism, against globalism, and ... against communism," that he is a "traditionalist and Christian," anti-Nazi and anti-fascist. He continued:

Everybody in Russia has to understand that America was highjacked by a globalist sect. But now Trump is restoring American dignity. And we stopped immediately to hate America because it is not Americans who we hated before. It was the globalist elite ... We have to deal with Mr Soros, who tried to overthrow our governments and tries to create a color revolution in our countries.

In Business Insider on 8 August, Natasha Bertrand writes:

Russian bots and trolls have helped spread the #FireMcMaster Twitter campaign, which was initiated by far-right accounts last week and quickly went viral.

Dugin's interview with Jones highlighted the extent to which the US's far right had found a natural ally in Russia's current zeitgeist, which perceives the US as an imperialist power working on behalf of liberal elites to destroy traditional Christian values.

Elsewhere on the internet a new division in political ideology has been described as replacing the liberal-conservative divide. The new division is said to be betweem globalism and nationalism. The journalist.Thomas Friedman could be described as a globalist. Globalists support membership in the European Union. They support international organizations (as I do) like the United Nations. Dugin's anti-globalism is in contrast to what can be described as his Russian nationalism and also the nationalism of others of the Eastern Orthodox faith. He supports kinship between these other nationalities and doesn't associate this with globalism.

Dugin is not my kind of philosopher. His use of the word "globalist" is simplistic — within his philosophical context of complex gobbledygook. In m opinion, one can support a stronger United Nations, free trade and also appreciate the importance of local political powers and civil liberties. I wonder whether we who dislike Putin's politics should be considered "globalists" because of that dislike? Is General Electric's CEO globalist in wanting to advance his company's business interests? Exactly how does Soros rank as an evil globalist because of his specific interests in advancing humanity?

Many of us are internationalist and also concerned about our own country.

During the past century. internationalists have been despised by super-nationalists. Germany's fascists in the Hitler era despised those they labelled as internationalists. These were Marxists and also Jews, who were attacked for being being insufficient in their love of the Fatherland (Germany). So now we have Dugin and people on the right in the US attacking those they label as "globalists," and we have those who are ready to label Dugin and his fellow anti-globalists as fascists, despite his denial.

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