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Republicans against Republicans

A Republican colunist, Michael Gerson, describes the Trump campaign for president as populist. In his Washington Post column he parodies Trump:

The people are infallible, but they require someone who embodies their collective wisdom. The country — betrayed by elites, beset by foreigners, exploited and humiliated at every turn — needs more than policy papers. It needs a savior.

Gerson writes that Trump's campaign is "has little to do" with the Republican Party's history of religious conservatism and is not "rooted primarily" in tea party constitutionalism. He describes Trump as attacking corrupt and cosmopolitan elites, mass and illegal immigration, the dilution of American identity and free trade. Trump, he writes, "is fomenting of conflict with foreigners: with scheming Mexicans and predatory Chinese. Remove the appeal to base instincts and you are left with little but opposition to entitlement reform."

Donald Trump, says Gerson, will certainly "fail."

Someone called Pubbie responds to Gerson: "Trump is appealing to a broad spectrum. The liberal news media likes to look for racists who say they identify with Trump. But, that isn't Donald's fault, any more than it is Hillary's fault that she appeals to man hating lesbians."

Someone else writes: "Gerson realizes that there is no place for an entrenched establishment type like himself in a potential Trump administration."

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