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Gun Control

Pundit psychiatrist Dr. Charles Krauthammer describes the Oregon shooter, Chris Mercer, as having had "no criminal history, no psychiatric diagnosis beyond Asperger's [a non-violent autism disorder], no involvement in public disturbances." With prevention in mind Krauthammer asks, "How do you find, let alone lock up, someone like that?" He notes that the shooter and his mother "obtained everyone of their guns legally."

It is in the news that the shooter and his mother, with whom he lived alone, shared a "fascination with firearms." Like the mother of the mass killer Adam Lanza, she was a long-time gun enthusiast and didn't keep guns from the hands of her beloved son.

Krauthammer describes President Obama as having had a "totally sincere" knee-jerk reaction to the shooting that includes denouncing the National Rifle Association "and its ilk" for resisting common-sense gun-safety laws. Krauthammer asks whether anyone really believes that the alleged gun-show loophole had anything to do with the shooting at Roseburg Oregon. "Universal background checks sound wonderful," he writes, but "Oregon already has one." The Roseburg shooter and his mother, he points out, obtained every one of their guns legally.

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