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A Spokesperson for China

China's foreign ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, responded yesterday (10 April 2015) to a complaint from President Obama regarding China's behavior in the South China Sea. Obama spoke of China using "its sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions." The lady said with a smile, "I think everyone can see very clearly who in the world is using the greatest size and muscle." It is China that is creating the disturbance, exercising the big-power chauvinism against its neighbors that it had many centuries ago when its emperors saw themselves at the center of the universe. The Philippines and Vietnam are not complaining about the Obama administration. They and Japan are complaining about China. Hua Chunying was using the US wealth and powerful as a dodge, as faulty discourse for those unable to concentrate on the issue that Obama raised. Good discourse handles one issue at a time.

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