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Institutions and Failed Politicians

Our institutions make us different from what our ancestors were in the Stone Age or the Middle Ages. The pastor-politician Mike Huckabee appears to think otherwise. Yesterday I saw him on Fox News telling Donald Trump that people were fed up because their institutions had failed them. Trump agreed.

We haven't seen Trump supporters talking about our "institutions." They aren't pretending the sociological intellectuality that Huckabee is, and in this regard they are better than Huckabee, because he doesn't know what he is talking about.

The institutions that make us different from what our ancestors were during the Stone Age or Middle Ages are still here – still contributing to how we as biological creatures develop and interact with each other. Some politicians have not supported good policies, but that is their failing, not the failure of our institutions. To address our failings as individuals requires more specificity, and however much some politicians speak of their focus on individuality they seem to prefer sweeping falsehoods.

Our institutions exist in a world of change, but the change has been in bits and slowly. We haven't had a genuine revolution like Russia did in 1917. Amendments to the Constitution are am example of changes we have had – an example of an institution working for us rather than having failed.


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