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Debate on Iran continues

Republicans on the House Foreign Relations Committee are arguing against the Iran deal. Lee Zeldin of New York tells Kerry: "Mr. Secretary, a lot of Americans have fought and died to make our country the greatest nation in the world. And you, sir, respectfully, you don't have the power to surrender our greatness." Congressman Ted Yoho on C-SPAN argues that Iran as an enemy nation and that the nuclear deal is irresponsible. He mentions Neville Chamberlain's appeasement and offers tougher sanctions as an alternative.

According to Pew Research, of the 78 percent of the US public that has heard of the agreement, only 38 percent approve and 48 percent disapprove. The farther down in education, the higher the disapproval percentage. For those with a high school education, 56 percent disapprove and 32 percent approve. For college grads these numbers are 44 percent disapprove and to 41 percent approve. Republicans regardless of education disapprove by 75 percent. For those who considered themselves liberal Democrats it was 14 percent disapproval and 74 approval. The 18 to 29 age group have more approving than disapproving, 43 percent to 39. The 30 to 49 age group was almost even, 41 percent approving, 42 percent disapproving. For the 50 to 64 age group the disapproval jumped to 54 percent, and for the 65 and older age group it was 56 percent disapproval and 32 percent approval. The super educated post grads regardless of age are the most approving – by 55 percent. Perhaps it can be said that they are the least likely to be swayed by emotion-based appeals and the ill-informed argument for the alternative of more sanctions.

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