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Isis in Retreat

"ISIS IN RETREAT " headlines the Huffington Post this morning. A Washington Post headline reads: " Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is in retreat on multiple fronts." (Also today, Juan Cole reminds us that the "Islamic State" is not considered Islamic by good Muslims and that it is not a state.)

Assad's Syrian forces are retaking the city of Palmyra, and US airstrikes are helping "Iraqi forces overrun a string of Islamic State villages in northern Iraq that had been threatening a US base nearby." Writes the Washington Post,

These are just two of the many fronts in both countries where the militants are being squeezed, stretched and pushed back. Nowhere are they on the attack. They have not embarked on a successful offensive in nearly nine months. Their leaders are dying in US strikes at the rate of one every three days, inhibiting their ability to launch attacks, according to US military officials.

The commander of Iraq's counterterrorism forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Assadi, overseeing the latest Iraqi offensive to capture the town of Hit in Anbar province, says,

Their morale is shaken. We listen to them on their communications devices. Their leaders are begging them to fight, but they answer that it is a lost cause. They refuse to obey orders and run away.

United States military officials are reported as saying they believe that after more than 18 months, the military campaign has found its stride. The so-called Islamic State has lost 40 percent of the territory it controlled at its peak in 2014, a figure that excludes the most recent advances.

Someone comments:

Don't worry Republicans, the Adults are keeping us Safe. Thank you President Obama.

Someone else:

ISIS attacks Europe not when they are strong, but when they are weak...They are falling just as al Qaeda fell. But unless we address the underlying problems, there will be another. >


Well Trump, now that President Obama is defeating ISIS, what in the heck do we need you for?

A pessimist writes,

A Rapidly Diminishing Force " Yeah Right, they only seem like they're a smaller force because most of them left with the refugees and are now scattered throughout many countries instead of a few.

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