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A Complaint about the Liberal Media

A Trump supporter guest on Fox News – the Kelly File – complains about the bias of the liberal media. How weird! She complains that the liberal media should hire more journalists with views like hers to make their reporting fair. In other words, she believes that the New York Times should think more about hiring journalists who are politically correct according to her way of thinking as opposed to an applicant's intellect – some kind of fair-and-balance like Fox News claims to have.

The Kelly's guest would probably claim that she believes in freedom to choose. Indeed, we the public have a lot of media choices. If you don't like the New York Times or the Washington Post you might like the Washington Times. If you don't like MSNBC you might like Fox. If you get bored with Megyn Kelly, on Fox, there is the brilliant and informative Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

The New York Times and Washington Post have built up their businesses by pleasing their customers. We have the nightly half-hour major network newscasts for people who can tolerate extended advertising and little information. We have Facebook, from which many get their news. And making the news lately is faked news on Facebook. But Facebook will be policing itself. As much as we can, we should let consumer choice be the censor. Government control or demanding ideological balance regarding journalism is authoritarian nonsense.

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