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Trump fixing government with Kushner's business ideas

The Washington Post tells us that President Trump has chosen his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, "to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas," that Kushner will work in the White House and report directly to Trump.

Are you laughing?

To get anything done, a president needs success politically. It's not like a CEO in private enterprise issuing commands or exercising his will power. Kusher will need ideas that the president can sell to Congress.

Various comments to the Washington Post:

A guy with no government experience is going to lead a bunch of people with no government experience and "fix" something that they have no experience in running.

I worked in government for 37 years, retired now. I saw more political appointees come in from a business background than I can count. They all thought they would improve government by running things like a business. It never worked. Government is not a business and treating it like it is is doomed to fail. Same mistake being made again.

Gee, what happened to the cabinet? How are they supposed to interact with Kushner's office?

Just what we need, a needle-nosed son in law telling department heads how to do their work.

These pompous idiots. They walk in assuming our government isn't already run using the most recent, proven business practices. They'll be surprised to learn how many Harvard, Stanford, Wharton MBAs are on the Federal team. How many managers are using the best leadership, teamwork, performance techniques. How the gov't yearns for smart, efficient tech solutions but have to fight tooth and nail with Congress for investment $$. True, this isn't the case for all Federal agencies, but it ticks me off when all agencies are lumped together in the "loser" column.

Kushner wouldn't know modern innovation if he tripped over it.

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