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Limbaugh and the Media controversy

President Trump tweeted recently that the media "is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!" This upset some who spoke of the media as important to our democracy, and their complaints have inspired Rush Limbaugh to give us another example of his getting an issue muddied with confusion.

Yesterday someone called-in to Limbaugh's radio show:

Hey, this press that puts themselves out as the defender of democracy and checks and balances and all this other stuff, when did they become immune from a check and balance? You know, you’ve been doing a wonderful job of pulling the curtain back and showing what’s going on, you and others, and now we have a president who is pulling the curtain back and their only response is: how dare you question the great and powerful oz. You know? You would think that if they’re so worried about checks and balances, that they would welcome this ...

Limbaugh responded with his own criticism of journalists. He describes himself as having been a victim of journalists who are critical of him, asking a journalist, "Why are you doing it? I’m just a guy on TV. Why are you treating me this way?”

For me as consumer, all of this is just talk without substance – unreal. The media, including the big private enterprise news organizations, get lots of criticism, from the left, center and right, and they should – and as should Limbaugh.

Journalists have their biases. (And I have my biases.) And people are free to choose their sources. If they are smart they can choose to watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. If they are dumb they can watch Fox News. And yes, the system we have in our country is good. Of course, as most of us believe, we shouldn't have the Trump administration interfering with this choosing. Trump's tweet that the media is the enemy of the people is not helpful discourse, but we can move on, leaving the confusion and exaggerations with others.

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