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Iran's President Rouhani and Decreasing Enmity

Iran's President Rouhani has responded to a Sixty Minutes question about calls for "Death to America." He says that "enmity" between Iranians and Americans will not go away soon. He says what is important is "which direction we are heading" and he adds: "I believe we have taken the first step toward decreasing this enmity."

Comments poured into Yahoo News, most of them ridiculing Rouhani for saying that calls for "Death to America" should not be taken seriously, that Iranians look upon Americans with kindness. Someone wrote, "When they chant 'Death to America' they don't really mean it??? So....tell him that when we drop a Nuke on his #$%$ we don't REALLY mean it either.

Someone else says, "President Hassan Rouhani Don't take this personally. Death to Iran."

A third writes, "To [sic] bad we didn't let Saddam Hussein GAS all the Iranians! Another writes, "These are the people Obama want [sic] to appease, make deals with and call the friends. What an O [sic] idiot."

Another writes, "I think I have heard it all now. Obozo and his herd of sheep have to be the dumbest sheeple of all time."

But can we be sure the Rouhani is trying to trick? Is Rouhani trying to soften us up in preparation for a hostile move – a move that when implemented would expose him as a liar and trickster?

Some of us dumb sheep suspect that Rouhani and many Iranians are interested mainly in protecting their neighboring fellow Shia and interested in economic improvement. The European Union, the US and others have indeed been sheepish regarding Syria, moreso at any rate than members of the Republican Party in the US, and Iran has been supporting the Assad regime in Syria. (Assad in an Alawite and Alawites are Shia.) Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei is a theocrat who has called for the removal of Israel from the map. He is not the wisest of men. Israel needs to maintain a superb military capability for self-defense. But Iran's leaders know that if they move against Israel with any kind military capability, Israel would not be wiped on the face of the earth and it would bring disaster for their country.

What we can expect Republican candidates for president not siding with any decrease in enmity with Iran. They will continue with their hostility to the recent nuclear agreement with Iran. They will find posturing as other than sheep and find enemy bashing as useful.

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