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War on Isis

For the record, a big debate follows the attacks in Paris and France declaring war on Isis. People are saying President Obama should be willing to do more. Among them is France's most prominent intellectual, Bernard-Henri Lévy, some Democrats and, of course, people appearing on Fox News. People against Obama doing more point out that sending a ground force against ISIS would not be a liberation for many Sunnis now under ISIS domination, that it would involve an occupation. Some complain too that it is what ISIS says it wants. The pro "boots-on-the ground" side says it is necessary to destroy the enemy's base of operation and this would diminish the ISIS ideology the way the defeating Germany and Italy during World War II diminished the fascist ideology. Bernard-Henri Lévy points out that it would be easy compared to World War II, taking no more than one month.

Some US veterans are angry with President Obama for what they see as his using them as an excuse for not doing more. They are referring to Obama having described himself as moved when he looks into the eyes of the wounded he has sent to battle. That, say these vets, is what they signed up for, knowing the risks.

The argument whether to do more has been described as "binary" – in other words, yes or no, with no middle ground. This brings to mind the possibility of more hit and run raids by troops in helicopters.

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