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Opponents of the Deal with Iran

Journalist-author and TV pundit Fareed Zakaria describes what looks like confusion from opponents of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

He reminds us that in 2005 three European powers rejected a nuclear deal with Iran and that Iran then ramped up its centrifuge production from less than 200 to 20,000 today. There is no doubt, says Zakaria, that "Iran has the capacity to make centrifuges even under crippling sanctions. Between November 2012 and November 2013 when all international sanctions against Iran were in place, it built 6,000 new centrifuges."

Moreover, complains Zakaria, sanctions won't work. Opponents of the nuclear deal "have conjured up a fantasy scenario in which the world will sign up for more sanctions against Tehran." But China wants Iran's oil, Russia is preparing to sell Iran nuclear power reactors, and the French Foreign minister is going to Iran this week to "promote France's corporate interests." Bush administration's ambassador to the UN in 2009 argued that the other major powers would never go along with such sanctions and if they did, it wouldn't change Iran's behavior anyway, but now "Republicans say that these same sanctions are wondrously effective if only the administration would keep them on indefinitely."

A transcript of his complete statement is here.

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