Aristotle, favors investigation, facts, private property and slavery

Arendt, Hannah, banality of evil, violence, power

Ayer, A J, Language, Truth and Logic

Baudrillard, Jean, Simulacra and Simulation

Camus, Albert, Myth of Sisyphus

Chomsky, Noam, Political activist, linquist, retired academician

Confucius, myth and muddle

Craig, William Lane, theology and motivated cognition

Debord, Guy, The Society of the Spectacle

Dewey, John, educator, democrat, humanist, activist

Epicurus, Jefferson's favorite

Foucault, Michel, celebrity philosopher, historian of ideas and literary critic

Freedman, Wendy L, primarily an astrophysicist

Gettier, Edmund, and his three-page paper

Gutting, Gary, Notre Dame Universty

Haack, Susan, defending science

Hegel, Georg W F, and history

Heidegger, Martin, his language running riot

Kant, Immanuel, Enlightenment philosopher (revised 17 Apr '17)

Khun, Thomas, science, truth, linguistic confusion

Locke, John, father of what a century after him became the US Constitution

Marx, Karl, a man of the 1800s

McCloskey, Deirdre, bourgeois virtue, dignity, equality

Mozi, up from Confucius

Neiman, Susan, Evil in Modern Thought

Nietzsche, Friedrich, (rewritten 28 Jan '18)

Nussbaum, Martha, goodness, disgust, social justice

Pascal, Blaise, science, intuition and betting on God

Plato, essence, abstractions are real, totalitarian utopia

Popper, Karl, science, anti-historicity, anti-authoritarian

Protagoras, ancient sophist and democrat, globally shared humanity, man and the measure of things

Pyrrho, founder of Skepticism in the wake of Alexander the Great's conquests

Rand, Ayn, Objectivism, against collectivism, socialism and altruism

Ayn Rand and Compromise (Dec 2, 2016)

Sartre, Jean-Paul, choices, commitment, existentialism as humanism

Schopenhauer, Arthur, life a drag, will over reason, first modern psychologist

Searle, John, UC Berkeley emeritus

Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism's founder

Socrates, monotheist, interogations without answers

Strauss, Leo, German-born US conservative (1899-1973)

Strawson, Galen, British analytic philosopher born in 1952

Taoists, anti-establishment serenity and magic

Wittgenstein, Ludwig, common language against nonsense, tautology and contradiction

Zen Buddhists, peace of mind amid ignorance and butchery

Zeno of Citium, fatalism that would influence Romans and Christians

Zeno of Elea, paradox, nothing changes, motion unreal