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Nature and Balance

The earth doesn't crash into the sun because a balance between gravity and an inertia that would otherwise take the planet away in a straight line. What exists is what worked. What could not work was not to be.

An empty jar in a sink filled with water sinks only as far down into the water as a balance exists between the weight pushing the jar down and the water pushing the jar upward.

A tree functions only in balance with conditions of its environment, deciduous trees and trees with pine needles and colder climates, broad leaves in warm climates.

One way or another an individual functions in balance with another person or persons. The imbalanced are isolated one way or another, perhaps put into solitary confinement. Or if they are left to wander in the desert to survive they are forced into a balance with what they can find there.

humanity experimenting politically developed a balance between individualism and free enterprise on one hand and government interventions for society as a whole on the other. Ayn Rand was on one end of the extreme; Vladimir Lenin on the other. Social Democrats and moderate European conservatives are nicely placed somewhere in the center.

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