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Intelligent Design vs Happenstance

At least a few people still claim that biological evolution is absurd. They see evolution as a theory that purposes accidents. Although happenstance may be a part of biological change, biologists see evolution as more than accident; they see also chemical and genetic causality.

In the place of accident, those who don't believe in evolution hold to the idea of biology by intelligent design. All the variety in biological nature, all of the variety that exists in the animal kingdon and from human individual to human individual they see as a sort of cookie cutter happening – as God's intentionality. Some of the misfortunes produced by these cookie cutter happenings remain unexplained. But where was the intelligence or intentionality in the misfortune of birth defects? Or in the creation of deadly viruses, or fleas that carry the viruses, or mosquitos.Traditional explanations are some distance from scientific thought: these things were created by satan, the devil, or maybe God intended them as punishments for our sins.

A more likely explanation for these misfortunes as well as all that benefits us, or indeed created us, is nature's happenstance mixed with its physical laws.

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