Jul-Aug-Sep 2017

Jul 4 ... North Korea test-launches what is presumed to be its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

Jul 5 ... Sweden's Volvo Car Corporation (a private company) announces its plan to phase out fossil fuels by building only electric or hybrid cars.

Jul 8 ... The G20 summit in Hamburg concludes without a US agreement concerning climate change. The other 19 nations agree to stick with the Paris agreement. Also there was a new emphasis on trade being reciprocal and non-discriminatory toward developing countries.

Jul 10 ... Iraq's Prime Minister al-Abadi declares the city of Mosul (after three years of occupation by ISIL. Perhaps as many as 40,000 civilians died, and a million have been displaced. The victors are Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers backed by British, French, US, and Iranian forces.

Jul 15 ... Indonesia renames part of the South China Sea as "North Natuna Sea," angering China.

Jul 17 ... The European Union restricts the export of inflatable boats to Libya. (Al Jazeera)

Jul 21 ... Several thousand Palestinians protest Israel's installation of metal detectors and a ban on Muslim men under the age of 50 at the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

Jul 23 ... In Syria, Russia's air force bombards the city of Madan and Zor Shamr Camp with cluster bombs, killing six civilians and wounding 19 others.

Jul 24 ... The war in Afghanistan continues with a suicide car bombing in Kabul that kills at least 24 and injures more than 40 people. The target of the attack was a bus of civilian government workers from the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

Jul 26 ... Seven Republicans join Democrats in the US Senate in defeating an effort to repeal major parts of Obamacare. President Trump favored passage.

Jul 29 ... Some in Poland have been marching against what they see as a threat to judicial independence. The European Union sends a formal notice to Poland expressing concern that new "discretionary" powers given to its justice minister threaten the independence of the courts, in violation of EU laws.

Jul 30 ... Putin responds to new sanctions created by the US Congress. He orders the US to remove 755 people from its diplomatic staff of 1,000 or so in Russia. The new sanctions are a response to Russia having meddled in the US 2016 elections and to further punish Russia for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Aug 9 ... The US imposes new sanctions on eight Venezuelan officials in order to "deter further democratic backsliding" by the Madura regime.

Aug 13 ... The Madura regime announces the capture of two military officers who led twenty men last week in an attack against a Venezuelan army base near the city of Valencia.

Aug 17 ... Iraq's government ends its more than four-month ground offensive against the Syrian city of Raqqa (westward across Iraq border). Involved in the offensive was a coalition that included the US, Britain, France, and Germany. According to the UN, the fighting left 80 percent of the city "uninhabitable."

Aug 21 ... A UN report on sanctions violations describes recent interceptions of two North Korean shipments of chemical weapons material to a Syrian government agency.

Aug 24 ... Defying Saudi Arabia, Qatar restores full diplomatic ties with Iran. Sanctions against Qatar are reported as not having affected Qatar's gas exports, the primary source of Qatar's wealth.

Aug 29 ... A European media conglomerate, Sky Limited, stops broadcasting Fox News in Britain due to low audience figures.

Aug 31 ... A grand jury in Washington DC issues indictments for 19 Turkish citizens, 15 of whom are identified as Turkish security officials. They are charged with attacking peaceful demonstrators during the visit of Turkey's President Erdogan.

Sep 5 ... More than 123,000 Rohingya refugees have fled escalating violence by the Myanmar army and crossed into Bangladesh.

Sep 7 ... The Category 5 hurricane — Irma — with sustained winds of 175 mph, has been traveling through the Caribbean. Yesterday it passed 60 miles north of Puerto Rico. Two-thirds of Puerto Rico's 3.4 million people are without electicity. The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has deployed response teams to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Sep 7 ... The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejects the Trump administration arguments regarding the travel ban on grandparents, cousins and others with a bona fide relationship in the United States. (Politico) (AP)

Sep 10 ... Russian airstrikes in Syrian hit several ferries attempting to cross the Euphrates near Deir ez-Zor. At least 34 civilians, including 9 children, are killed according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Sep 11 ... In response to North Korea's recent nuclear test, the UN Security Council approves new sanctions on North Korea, limiting its refined petroleum imports and banning its textile exports.

Sep 12 ... Ann Coulter, whose latest book is In Trump We Trust, and Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show, complain about liberals and the media exaggerating hurricane severity in order to increase fears about climate change, to advance their political agenda.

Sep 13 ... In response to not accepting deportations from the United States, the US stops giving visas to high ranking officials of Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

Sep 15 ... A North Korean missile flies over Hokkaido, triggering Japan's defense-alert system.

Sep 16 ... Turkey's government expresses its displeasure regarding at least 10,000 people holding a rally in Cologne (Germany) in support of a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan independence.

Sep 20 ... A category 4 hurricane — Maria — hits Puerto Rico, two weeks after Hurricane Irma. President Trump has tweeted, "Be careful. Our hearts are with you." The storm wipes out power and the death toll will eventually reach close to 3,000. Puerto Rico's economy is ruined.

Sep 21 ... At least 5 migrants die and 90 are missing after their boat sinks off the coast of Libya.

Sep 22 ... China plays the good world citizen and goes along with the UN's new sanctions on North Korea. It limits petroleum exports to that country and bans imports of North Korean textiles.

Sep 24 ... In Nashville, Tennessee, a 25-year-old Sudanese native residing legally in the United States (having arrived as a child in 1996), kills one and injures seven with a handgun at the Burnette Chapel, while wearing a ski mask. A review of his Facebook page will find his interest in black supremacist figures, the New Black Panther Party, and the Nation of Islam.

Sep 24 ... President Trump renews his demand that NFL owners fire or suspend players who kneel during the national anthem in protest.

Sep 25 ... North Korea says that US aircraft off the coast of North Korea amounts to a declaration of war.

Sep 25 ... United States Senator Susan Collins says she will vote "no" on the Graham–Cassidy bill. She joins Senators John McCain and Rand Paul to end a most recent effort to repeal Obamacare.

Sep 27 ... Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra (2011-13) was ousted from power by the military, with the monarchy's cooperation. She was impeached, accused of being aware of a crime but not actually having participated in it — guilty of criminal negligence. Last month before sentencing she denied all the charges against her and fled to Dubai where her brother lives (according to reports). The court confiscated her bail, and today it sentenced her to five years in prison in absentia. The military controls the media. The BBC reports that she remains popular with rural and poor voters.

Sep 30 ... Sweden's neo-Nazis, the Nordic Resistance Movement, marches through the countries second largest city, Gothenburg. They are overtly anti-Semitic and more of the disturbance rising from immigration into Europe. More than 50 demonstrators were arrested. The counter-demonstrators are said to have numbers 10,000. As a minuscule political party they garnered 2,106 votes in a 2018 election. (Sweden's tiny Marxist-Leninist party has done better, winning 3,639 votes in 2014.)


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