Oct-Nov-Dec 2017

Oct 1 ... Another expression of hostility against humanity in general: 58 people are killed and 851 injured when Stephen Paddock fires from his room in a high-rise hotel on the Las Vegas Strip onto at an outdoor music festival. Then he bids the world goodbye by shooting himself. He was a 64-year-old retired accountant said to have had a couple of million in savings.

Oct 3 ... At a church in Puerto Rico, storm victims are happy to see President Trump. They take selfies with the president and the president lobs rolls of paper towels at them.

Oct 8 ... Vice President Pence walks out of a NFL football game after fifteen 49er players kneel during the national anthem. The White House states that it "will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem".

Oct 10 ... Henry Kissinger visits President Trump, calls it "a great honor to be in this office... at a moment when the opportunity to build a constructive, peaceful world order is very great."

Oct 12 ... The Trump administration announces that it will withdraw from the UN cultural organization (UNESCO) because of what it calls its "anti-Israel bias."

Oct 20 ... As of October 20, only 18.5 percent of Puerto Rico is described as having electricity, and 1.5 percent of its supermarkets and 21.4 percent of its gas stations are still closed.

Oct 25 ... Xi Jinping assumes his second term as General Secretary (China's paramount leader).

Oct 27 ... Based on the results of a previously held referendum, Catalonia declares independence from Spain, but the Spanish government refuses to recognize the attempted breakaway.

Oct 31 ... In Lower Manhattan, a rental truck plows into an afternoon crowd of cyclists and runners, killing eight people and injuring eleven. The driver is a 29-year-old, Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov, who immigrated from Uzbekistan in 2010. He will be described as having had a bad temper that cost him driving jobs and as having been critical of US policies regarding Israel.

Nov 4 ... Saudi Arabia arrests 11 princes and other ministers on corruption charges, including billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. It will be described as the latest move of power consolidation for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), described as King Salman's favorite son and top adviser.

Nov 7 ... Danica Roem becomes the first US transgender person to be elected to a state legislature in the US in North Virginia

Nov 13 ... Three air-strikes hit a marketplace near Allepo in northern Syria, killing an estimated amount of 61 people. The BBC reports that it is not clear whether the strike force was Syrian government warplanes or those of its ally Russia.

Nov 15 ... Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is placed under house arrest. The country's military takes control.

Nov 17 ... After a three-year-long siege against ISIL forces, Assad's army takes full control over the city of Deir ez-Zor (north-central Syria)

Nov 22 ... The International Criminal Court at the Hague convicts Ratko Mladic of genocide and other atrocities. The former Serb general is convicted of having committed genocide and other atrocities during the Bosnian war and is charged with responsibility for the Siege of Sarajevo and the Srebrenica massacre. He will be jailed for life in The Hague. Mladic is to remain a nationalist hero among some Serbs.

Nov 24 ... A mosque attack in Sinai, Egypt kills 305 worshippers and leaves hundreds more wounded.[67]

Nov 29 ... the Australian Senate passes a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Nov 30 ... North Korea launches another missile and says it now possesses the power to hit the US mainland.

Dec 4 ... Donald Trump signs executive orders shrinking the Bears Ears National Monument area by 85 percent and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by half. It reverses the creations of Presidents Obama and Clinton (in Utah), and some conservatives applaud, seeing Trump's move as a proper response to decades of federal overreach.

Dec 5 ... In response to an investigation into state-sponsored doping, the International Olympic Committee bans Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Dec 6 ... President Trump declared Jerusalem to be Israel's capital.

Dec 8 ... At the UN, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Britain issue a joint statement opposing Trump's decision. Trump's ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, tells the UN Security Council that the US is more committed to peace "than we've ever been before - and we believe we might be closer to that goal than ever before."

Dec 9 ... The Iraqi military announces that it has "fully liberated" all of Iraq's territory from "ISIS terrorist gangs" and retaken full control of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Dec 17 ... President Putin telephones Trump to thank the CIA for its assistance in preventing a planned terrorist bombing at St. Petersburg's Kazan Cathedral.

Dec 22 ... The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is signed into law, lowering income tax rates and the corporate tax rate.

Dec 31 ... Economic growth for the year 2017 (accounting for inflation) will be recorded as 2.2 percent from what it was at the end of 2016. This is 0.6 percent higher the growth for the year 2016 (Obama's last year in office). China's economic growth for 2017 (accounting for inflation) will be recorded as 6.9 percent, Canada at 3.0 percent, Germany 2.25 percent, Norway 2.0, and the UK 1.8 percent.

Dec 31 ... Norway ends the year with a per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $71,800, the US $59,500, Germany $50,400, Canada $48,300, the UK $44,100, China $8,633 (the per capita part being over 3 billion people) — estimates from the CIA World Factbook.

Dec 31 ... President Trump's public approval rating has declined from 44.5 percent on January 20, to 37.9 percent.


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